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Having your deck and patio cleaned can remove stains and years of buildup. In Cordova, deck pressure washing clears away dirt, grime, debris, and plant growth like algae, returning wood and composite surfaces to like-new condition. Your deck is the perfect entertaining space, an ideal place to spend your time during the summer. And, your patio may be one of the first things someone sees when entering the back of your property. It’s important to keep both of these components of your property clean and well-cared for.

Southeast Power Wash is here with the latest and greatest deck and patio cleaning techniques. We choose pressure-washing methods that work best with the materials that make up your deck or patio. Trust our experience as quality power washing technicians operating out of East Memphis and Northern Mississippi.

What Does a Deck Cleaning Service Include?

Whether your deck is made of composite products or wood, we can effectively and efficiently clean it. We’ll remove any existing stains, as well as caked-on dirt or grime, completing your deck cleaning in Cordova or the surrounding areas.

As wooden decks age, they change colors to be a grayish and drab-looking outdoor area of your home. By having them expertly cleaned, we can restore the wood’s appearance at a very nominal cost compared to installing a new deck. If you want to reseal or stain your deck, we can clean it so the surface is ready to accept the sealant or stain easily.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Deck Professionally Cleaned?

When you have a freshly cleaned deck, it improves the appearance and the aesthetics of your entire home. It will both increase your curb appeal and increase your home value as well. Clean decks help you maintain your investment while removing mold, algae, and mildew stains from surfaces. These types of stains aren’t only eyesores, but they can cause your surfaces to be slick and may result in major slips or falls, especially when algae forms on or near deck stairs.

We use all organic cleaning agents and degreasers so there is no worry about any trees, shrubs, or grass nearby being harmed. At Southeast Power Wash, we are here to serve you with deck pressure washing in Cordova, TN and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our specific methods for deck pressure washing. We’ll gladly tell you about how we keep the wood of your deck safe, all while achieving a bright, sparkling clean.

How Does Fence Cleaning Work?

It’s not just your deck that gets dirty over time — a fence can pick up significant amounts of dirt and grime too. You may not think about it as much, since you likely spend less time around your fence. But it will be visible to your visitors and neighbors, impacting how they see your home and yard.

We use only the best commercial-grade products and equipment available for removing stains when we offer fence pressure washing in Cordova and the surrounding areas. We can remove all the years of stains, grime, and grit and we can also prepare your wooden or composite fences to be primed or painted, depending on your needs.

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