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Every home’s exterior gets dirty over time, especially in states like Tennessee and Mississippi, where winters bring light snow and significant rain, while summers guarantee high-heat, sunny days that bake in grime. Surfaces like siding and brick begin to look worn and dirty, which can be off-putting to guests, neighbors, and potential buyers if you plan to sell your home. Plus, the longevity of your home’s exterior may be shortened if you don’t take care of it.

Southeast Power Wash will assist you every step of the way with house pressure washing in Cordova and nearby areas in East Memphis and North Mississippi. We apply methods that make sense for the materials your home is built out of. We work with you to define a budget and make a plan, whether it’s for a one-time service or ongoing, seasonal power washing.

How We Power Wash Siding

There are a few different methods for cleaning using pressure washing equipment. Typically, siding requires soft washing, an option that uses less pressure to minimize the chance of damage to your property. Siding is more delicate than, say, concrete, and so requires different techniques to get it properly cleaned.

Soft washing relies on cleaning solutions to remove stains and dirt, and at Southeast Power Wash, we only use organic, commercial-grade cleaners, sure to keep the plants throughout your yard safe, while remaining effective against grime. Contact us to learn more about our offerings for siding pressure washing in Cordova and the surrounding areas.

Signs it’s Time to Wash Your Home’s Exterior

After a while, you may not even notice how dirty your house has become. Some materials hide grime well, like brick, and it’s easy to let things like this slip when you have more pressing matters to worry about on the day-to-day. However, it’s important to keep an eye out for the following, so you can be sure to request house power washing in Cordova when you truly need it:

Cleaning your home also prepares it for maintenance projects like painting or staining, and it is a must if you plan to sell your property anytime soon. If you still are on the fence, ask the experts at Southeast Power Wash about our house cleaning process and work with us to schedule a service that makes sense for you. We are licensed and insured experts with significant experience in the field.

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